Lateral Hirirng

The Talent Search team possesses the expertise in sourcing and recruiting talented professionals, for Middle and Senior Level management roles, for the following industry & functional domains:


IRIS  Retail
IRIS  Retail Assets
IRIS  Wholesale Banking Operations
IRIS  Support Functions (HR, Quality, MIS, Admin, Finance & Accounts, Legal & Compliance, Marketing, Procurement, IT etc.)

Financial Services

IRIS  Assets (Secured & Unsecured Loans)
IRIS  Wealth Management
IRIS  Support Functions (HR, Quality, MIS, Admin, Finance & Accounts, Legal & Compliance, Marketing, Procurement, IT etc.)

Information Technology (IT)

IRIS  IT Product Development
IRIS  IT Services
IRIS  VLSI & Semiconductors

IT Enabled Services (ITES)

IRIS  Analytics
    IRIS  SAS Analytics
    IRIS  Modelling
    IRIS  Programming
    IRIS  Investment banking
    IRIS  Equity Research
    IRIS  Quantitative Research
    IRIS  Customer Service
    IRIS  Quality & Process Improvement
    IRIS  Back Office and Operations


IRIS  Supply Chain & Logistics
IRIS  Market Place & Retail
IRIS  Analytics
IRIS  Customer Service
IRIS  Support Functions (HR, Quality, MIS, Admin, Finance & Accounts, Legal & Compliance, Marketing, Procurement, IT etc.)

Our Key Deliverables

At IRIS-Corp., we are extremely metrics driven with a clear focus on ‘time’ and ‘value’. Therefore, all our processes are built to deliver ‘measurable outcomes’. Our key operational drivers are Speed, Quality, Cost and Efficiency which accrue the following benefits for our clients at each stage of the recruitment process:

Sourcing Stage:

IRIS  Prompt Response : revert with first set of profiles (within 2-4 hours of the mandate being shared)
IRIS  Minimum 4 candidate profiles are shared in each set
IRIS  Minimize Duplicity : Less than 25% duplicate cases amongst shared profiles
IRIS  Minimize requirement mismatch: All profiles are validated for eligibility parameters (age, qualification, location etc.)
IRIS  Reduce All profiles undergo 2 levels of quality checks for functional capabilities & relevance (experience, exposure, skills, interest, expectation etc.) thereby,      saving client’s time by filtering out disinterested / non-serious candidates
IRIS  Overall, the above ensures, that client is required to do minimal / nil screening of candidate profiles forwarded by IRIS-Corp.

Interview Stage

IRIS  Maximize turnout : Over 85% turn-up rate for interviews
IRIS  Better Quality : Candidates are very well briefed about client company and the role for which they are being evaluated

Pre-Offer Stage:

IRIS  Faster documentation: Any documents requirements (from candidate’s end) are closed within 24 hours of being raised
IRIS  Success rate of over 80% in compensation related negotiation with candidates

Post-Offer Stage:

IRIS  Less than 15% instances of candidates not accepting offer on account of compensation
IRIS  Less than 15% instances of candidates not joining after accepting offer

In addition to the above, our dedicated client teams ensure timely and precise communication for a smooth, hassle free service experience for our clients. This team is further backed up with strong back-office and technical support which ensures operational efficiency and provides a high degree of confidentiality and security in every assignment.

Our Methodology

The combined industry knowledge of our team and their skills in HR, consulting, technology and process excellence allow to deliver value to our clients on every project assigned to us.

Providing the best talent:

IRIS  Minimal dependence on job portals, use our own internal database of over 1 lakh profiles
IRIS  Competitor companies are mapped extensively to reach out to passive job seekers
IRIS  Industry is mapped extensively
IRIS  Strong automated data storage and retrieval system ensures speed and operational efficiency

Providing high quality results:

IRIS  Layered validation process ensures, that all eligibility criteria and skills & competencies are met and thoroughly evaluated
IRIS  Candidates are well briefed about client company, job role and responsibility thereby ensuring a high degree of clarity and understanding of the role being      evaluated for

End to End Support

IRIS  Actively participate and assist our clients at all stages of the hiring process including compensation negotiation, documentation, offer acceptance,      resignation and other pre-joining formalities
IRIS  Actively engage with candidates to negotiate a mutually acceptable compensation and assist them in managing their resignation process with their current      employer
IRIS  Keep the candidate engaged up to the joining date in order to ensure a smooth transition

Client Engagement:

IRIS  Interacting with our clients is central to our operations and essential to meeting our organizational objective of guaranteeing timely delivery of service in      compliance with the best in class industry standards
IRIS  Time and effort invested in understanding our client company, their operations, recruitment objectives, culture etc.
IRIS  A bi-directional reporting protocol and a designated SPOC ensures that we are always available to listen to our clients

Connect with us to explore business relationship

Business Development Team- info@iris-corp.com