Talent Assessment & Analytics

We work with various government and private organisations and help them assessing competencies of the candidates in functional,behavioural and emotional areas with respect to various job requirements in technical and non technical fields .

For Candidates- We help organizations and candidates finding their right fit of employees and employers respectively. A comprehensive assessment is done by conducting the online test for the all candidates applying with for the various positions across sectors. It is designed to assess skills, knowledge and aptitude of the candidate. We believe in offering complete solutions where job seekers are mapped to the job requirement using comprehensive competency based online questionnaires through micro profiling. Each profiling is done as per the requirement of the employer with regard to managerial, technical, logical & analytical, communicative, decision making and motivational factors required for job.
In addition, we analyze candidates with respect to behavioral aspects and emotional quotient which is rarely assessed by the organizations at their level. Only those candidates who qualify the minimum eligibility score are shortlisted and sent to clients for further rounds. This assessment helps our clients saving time and unnecessary filtering as only the quality candidates are referred which helps in the speedy closure of the position.Our range of services includes:

IRIS   Pre Hire Assessments
IRIS   Source-Train-Place
IRIS   Employability Programs
IRIS   Employee Competency Benchmarking
IRIS   Face-to-Face / Telephonic screening
IRIS   Employability Assessment
IRIS   Behavioural/ Psychometric Personality Pattern Assessment
IRIS   Technical Aptitude Test
IRIS   Trade Knowledge Tests
IRIS   IT Skills Assessment suite
IRIS   Functional / Domain specific skills Assessments: Banking, Insurance, Sales etc.
IRIS   Customized Assessments

For Corporates- Spread over various sectors and businesses, we respect the difference in the needs and requirements of the clients and how to address them in the best way. Using Employee Assessment as a tool to feel the pulse of your organization by understanding the competency requirement, engagement level, morale and motivation of the employees and various other factors, we diagnose the problems, provide customized solutions and deliver them through various programs. After delivery, we do the re assessment to check the effectiveness of various programs followed by continuous monitoring and hand holding for our clients. Assessments includes:

IRIS   Domain Knowledge Assessment
IRIS   Behavioural Assessment
IRIS   Communication System
IRIS   Language & Culture Assessment
IRIS   Employee Competency Benchmarking
IRIS   Performance Management Systems (360 degree PA, Balance Score Card, Self Rating, BARs & MBO)